Cathy Morehead

Plaza 800

Medical Center, Tustin, CA

Santa Ana Properties hired CM+A to update the aging facades of their Tustin Medical Center Plaza. Originally constructed in the 80s, the Plaza was ready for renewal. New cornice details, plaza lighting, color specifications and signage were designed and installed. MJS Landscape Architects provided a dramatic design, utilizing large scale pots and a drought-tolerant plant pallate.


Cathy Morehead & Associates

Color Consultants

Cathy Morehead's background in fine art and formal training uniquely prepared her for a career in interior design. A lifetime passion for color began when she read Joseph Albers' Interaction of Color, changing how Cathy perceived color in architectural space forever. Expanding her interior design practice to include Color Consulting, Cathy has worked on major Color Design projects, including residential community exteriors, city buildings, medical plazas, and master urban renewal projects in Downtown Santa Ana. Cathy is active in the International Association of Color Consultants/Designers North America organization.

East End Santa Ana

Downtown Facade Color Renewal

An extensive 4 Block and Plaza renovation, CM+A was hired by Santa Ana Properties to recolor all exterior facades of their buildings in the Santa Ana Downtown District. With additional redevelopment funding from the City of Santa Ana, the project grew to encompass material and facade changes. CM+A specified colors and materials that redesigned the non historic 1980's storefronts to blend more consistently with the older, Historic buildings.


"Color is a creative element, not a trimming"

Piet Zwart

A successful color design is creative and environmentally progressive. It can make the difference between someone wanting to be somewhere, or not.

The Yost Theater

Historic Old Santa Ana Venue

The Yost Theater was built in 1913 and is located in Santa Ana's Historic District, now known as the East End. Colors were chosen to highlight the building's architectural details. Alley lighting by Maurice Connolly was strategically situated to activate the alley at night, highlighting its silhoeutte patterns. A dramatic and amazing mural painted by CMK and sponsored by East End and Orisue, brings the alley to life.


Urban Renewal

Color Transforms

Color transforms our world, whether in a place of commerce or along city streets. Color brightens. It improves our experience of a place, a building or even just a room. In choosing color, it's good to follow nature's lead.

Lake Forest Office

Serrano Creek

Davis Partners and TA Associates Realty hired Cathy Morehead + Associates to update the former 1980's Western Digital Campus. CM+A modified entry details and color blocking to better position the property for the marketplace. MJS Landscape Architects were recruited to update the entry landscaping. Collective design efforts paid off when the Campus was leased by Texas-based eye care company, Alcon.


Before & After

Transform, Renew, Refresh

Color has the power to transform neglected/faded building facades into fresh, new and appealing retail, commercial or business centers. Color brands and activates spaces. Here are just a few of CM+A's favorite and most dramatic before and after transformations.


Crossroads Corporate Center

Irvine, CA

A $12 million, 62,000 G.S.F. office building. Griffin Realty hired CM+A to select facade colors and oversee exterior landscaping. Construction was completed during the summer of 2000. The building was fully leased by completion.